DP Webinars – Workshop on Investment Strategies for China

How does investing in China work?

On July 15th, we had the privilege of hosting a very interesting panel discussion on “Workshop on Investment Strategies for China”

Investment in China represents a truly unique opportunity, but it’s not without challenges. Based on our extensive knowledge and experience investing in China, we’ve put a spotlight on fundamental principles that may support a successful strategy.

We were honored of having Mr. Gianpaolo Bruno, ICE Beijing Office Director and China and Mongolia ICE Office Coordinator. He provides valuable advice on how to approach China as a potential location for your business investemnt.

Special thanks also to our DP Group colleagues for their presentations and support in the organization of this successful event:

Mrs. Veronica Gianola – Senior Associate, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel
Mr. Shane Farrelly – Legal Advisor, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel
Mr. Riccardo Verzella – Legal Advisor, D’Andrea & Partners Legal Counsel
Mr. Devin Li – Financial Manager, PHC Advisory Tax & Accounting
Mrs. Gaia Rizzi – Martketng & Event Manager, Eastant Communication & Events

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