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Learning Videos
Prayer for Online Class – https://bit.ly/3gy8k5a
Virus sa Module – https://bit.ly/3jqUnYM
Google Meet (Full Tagalog Tutorial) – https://bit.ly/31qJHDu
Online Classroom Rules for Student’s Orientation – https://bit.ly/3icPH8b
Paano gumawa ng Interactive Bitmoji Classroom? – http://bit.ly/2Noxmrz
Google Classroom (Tagalog) Full tutorial – https://bit.ly/3fp4egi
Google Classroom (CREATE and JOIN) – https://bit.ly/387DMFa
Google Classroom (STREAM) – http://bit.ly/38l6Clx
Google Classroom (CLASSWORK) – https://bit.ly/31oTTez
Google Classroom (PEOPLE) – https://bit.ly/2DDfaZN
Google Classroom – (SETTINGS) – https://bit.ly/3irwxLW
MELCS Based Learning resources – https://bit.ly/2ZV8222
KAHOOT Tutorial (Tagalog) – http://bit.ly/2DPM1dD
Mentimeter Tagalog (Word Cloud Activity – https://bit.ly/3hlC3PP
FREE Editable PowerPoint Templates – https://bit.ly/2X7x0ej
How to REMOVE white background in word/ppt – https://bit.ly/334aJBw

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