DataMaestro for IBM Planning Analytics | Revelwood Webinars

Watch this on demand webinar to earn more about Revelwood DataMaestro for IBM Planning Analytics , the next generation of Revelwood DataManager. Revelwood DataMaestro intuitively “orchestrates” the movement of your data within the IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 environment. It allows you to create and run tasks, schedule packages and plan faster than ever before.

Some of the features and improvements that come with DataMaestro include:

— A rich, easy-to-use web-based interface that isn’t reliant on Excel
— Enhanced features like detailed history tracking and package scheduling
— The ability to execute data processes within a single cube or across multiple cubes based on common dimensions in one simple setup
— A friendly environment that proactively warns users if they have made a mistake setting up a task (no more “oops” moments!)
— The ability to create snapshots and streamline your data management process by creating ad hoc scenarios, updated budgets and more (including features like copy, zero-out, multiply, add and export data processes)
— A “set and forget” feature to create scheduled processes for your recurring tasks
— Messaging, alerts and email notifications for when processes succeed or fail

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