Conquer Q4 as a Security Consultant — PlexTrac Webinars

As a security consultant, Q4 is a busy time packed full of strict deadlines and endless deliverables. PlexTrac, Asylas, and 7 Minute Security have come together to share wisdom and strategies for surviving and thriving at the year’s end.

Seasoned security consultants Brian Johnson (7 Minute Security), Alysia Horn (Asylas), and Shawn Scott (PlexTrac) teamed up for a webinar focused on soothing the pain of the Q4 crunch.

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Pre-Show Banter 00:00
Introduction and Agenda 03:26
Why is Q4 so Busy? 07:25
Fallout from Q4 Madness 14:50
Stress and Working Burnout 15:00
Solution 1: Scheduling 19:40
Solution 2: Tooling for Success 25:17
Bonus! Time-saving Tips 35:46
PlexTrac to Conquer Q4! 46:15
Solution 3: Outsourcing 48:19
Solution 4: Mental Health and Prioritization 53:31
Wrapping Up 1:01:49
Learn more about Asylas 1:02:10
Learn more about 7MS 1:02:32
PlexTrac Plug + Goodbye! 1:03:11