CBSE Shiksha Parv 2021 | innovative india MyGov questionnaire 2021 | Shiksha Parv 2021 webinars

CBSE Shiksha Parv 2021 | innovative India MyGov questionnaire 2021 | Shiksha Parv 2021 webinars

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In this video, you will get information about the CBSE shiksha parv 2021 webinars. You can access all links from here:

Questions link for 5th September:
1 https://innovateindia.mygov.in/stakeholder-eneagement-for-NEP2020/
2 https://innovateindia.mYgov.in/inviting-questions-for-ShikshakParv202l-webinars/

Youtube Webinar link for address of Hon’ble P.M.:

Webcast link for the address of
Hon’ble Prime Minister (11.00 AM on 07th September, 2021)

ShikshakParv webpage link:

Circular for the link:

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Special scheme of assessment for 2021-22:

New Assessment structure for 2021-22:

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CBSE Class XII result:

In this video, CBSE has published a circular for international yoga day 2021. Watch the video and know what school can do to participate.

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