CANADA VISA UPDATE : IRCC Delhi Webinar Pointers , 14 July 2021.
IRCC Delhi webinar pointers, 14 July, 2021
1. 21 July flight ban lift confirmed as of today.
2. Covishield approved / Covaxin not.
3. 4 weeks prior flight only MAX.
4. providing flight / vaccination details on ArriveCAN mandatory.
5. July 5 quarantine exemption in effect currently.
6. no family member can travel with a 18+ student, as a caretaker.
Please visit our last post for brief information..
Specific sentences by Elena
“we are not sending PRL (ppr)s considering that submissions are not yet active for fresh new applicants, please wait for opening of services, expect it soon”

“eligibilty passed doesnt guarantee approval, it just marks that you have met minimum requirements for study permit application”

“if you have received visa with DLI 1. You have to apply study permit again with DLI 2, if you consider changing DLIs”

“The july 21 direct flights timeline is under reviewing, and is yet not decided that ban would be eliminated completely after. wait until July 21 for info”

“expired BILs are accepted at VFS, if you have a appt after expiry of BIL”
“atleast 6.0 is recommended even in nSDS for post-secondary instituition students”

“expired IELTS are considered during travel, no new exam is required”
“complete applications include biometrics & upfront medicals (for may 15 policy)”

“indian sds applicants are considered priority for reviewing”
“general ielts accepted for sds”

“sop too can be raised by webform”

“we need logical progression of studies, to consider relevancy of course”

“VO knows SOPs are copy pasted most cases, and they are not satisfied with explanation of why this course in several cases”

“identification doc on cowin certificate must be verifiable online (aadhar can be verified so no issues)”

“only the applicant can call IRCC helpline to get a update on their application”

“usually BVL means the decision is made”

“partiallycomplete-applicants before may 15 will be made decision after decision on fullycomplete-applicants before may 15 is completed (FIFO with complete applications) [Include Global Applicants]”