Automating repetitive webinars means keeping teams happy and motivated: Kevin Andrews, BombBomb

[Transcript] As someone who’s delivered a lot of webinars in the past, even if you’re a big company and you are able to deliver the 60 hours, the 100 hours for a client, how do you keep your team motivated enough to stay with the company to do that?

It’s not really that exciting. And in fact, it’s, it’s fairly exhausting. So removing that from someone’s plate. Automating what is repetitive, is really a huge part of just keeping your team happy.

Our onboarding webinars used to run, I think three or four days a week at two times a day. And we always had an employee scheduled off to sit on chat during those two hours a day. I think almost every day during the weekday that we had people scheduled off. And what we started to realize is one, we now are taking time from our employees.

We’re changing their daily flow to make sure they have to be here for one person, two people. Well, it was not an effective way. The employees were looking at that as like, oh God, I gotta go sit on the webinar for an hour. That’s not helping your employee was like, well, that’s not creating a good place for them to work.

So we’ve learned that. And I think the nice part is we’ve been able to help our employees not have to have that burden and the customers and the clients enjoy it. It’s a better product for them. So it’s really improved both sides.