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The International Telecommunication Union @ITU , the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety and the United Nations Envoy on Technology are launching a new initiative entitled, “AI for Road Safety”.

The AI for Road Safety initiative is in line with the UN General Assembly Resolution (UN A/RES/74/299) on Improving global Road Safety, which highlights the role of innovative automotive and digital technology, as well as in line with the UN Secretary General’s roadmap on digital cooperation. The focus of this new initiative will be to harness the value of AI in enhancing the safe system approach to road safety.

In collaboration with the 7th meeting of the – Launch Event Focus Group on Autonomous and Assisted Driving (FG‑AI4AD) and in partnership with the AI for Good Summit, this webinar will explore how advances in AI technologies may be used to enhance road safety for all road users, including vehicles and vulnerable road users (motorized and non-motorized, e.g. pedestrian, cyclists, motorcyclists, electric scooters, etc.).

Reducing road mortality by half, which is a UN target for 2030, could save 675,000 lives a year. Knowing where and when road traffic crashes happen is crucial to address the problem. Unfortunately, many countries have little or no data on road traffic crashes and no means to effectively analyse the data they do have to identify effective solutions. Therefore, a major aim of this initiative will be to ensure equitable access to data and ethical use of algorithms across all safe system pillars.

In the current scenario, it is crucial to identify the various elements that influence road safety and especially the role that AI can play to enhance crash data collection and analysis, to improve road infrastructures, to enable more effective post-crash responses as well as to inspire more modern regulatory frameworks in the transport sector. These solutions are all the more needed in low- and middle- income countries, where most of the road fatalities and injuries occur.

This webinar launches the new initiative on AI for Road Safety by discussing latest AI-based technologies and other approaches to enhance the existing Safe System Approach to Road Safety in view of the transformational change enabled by smart mobility.

How can #AI keep our roads safe?

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