Advice for course creators who want to start automating webinars with eWebinar: Kyshira Moffett

[Transcript] What advice do you have for people who want to start using automated webinars as a marketing too?

Sign up today, take it, take inspired and intentional action and get signed up, actually go through the trainings because that they’re actually really, really good at following in the process, looking at the templates.

But then from there, I would start to think about pulling out your business plan or your marketing plan, whatever you created for the year and look at, what did you already have identified and how can each webinar make it better? Right? Like how can a webinar either replace one or two things you already had intention to help speed up the timeline and, and drop it in there.

And again, think about what role is it going to play in the bundle? Is it pre-application is it direct to sell? Is it to give someone prime for the offer? Is it to sell the low, lower level thing and get them into another funnel? Like whatever your thing is, figure out where it’s going to go, because that’s not a give you some insight on the actual topic.

Get to recording. Like it doesn’t, to me, it doesn’t take that long to get set up any webinars, you know, you can either sit like this and talk or you can go and make some slides, you know, record it on your computer. I don’t make my very long, mine is like 20 to 30 minutes just for attention span and get it uploaded and you’re ready to go.