Advice for course creators who say automated webinars don't work for them: Kyshira Moffett

[Transcript] What would you say to someone who says,” I launch an automated webinar, but I didn’t make a sale, so it doesn’t work.”

Well, let’s figure out why. Right? And so I would tell them to evaluate every piece of that funnel. First things I would look at is what’s the traffic, like, are people going to the landing page to actually sign up?

Because if they’re not, then there’s an issue with your call to action on social media or in your emails that supposed. So we can’t even blame the webinar. We have to blame how we’re talking about it. If we’re not even getting traffic. if we are getting traffic, but we’re not getting any signups, then let’s evaluate how you designed your registration page, maybe your graphics ar pixelated incorrectly. The wording is incorrect. Play around with the language and the design of the landing page. If the issue was okay, we looked at our data and people are clicking. They’re registering and they’re watching, but they’re not buying the nets play around with the format of your webinar.

Maybe you’ve back up the call to action button in there. It could be something as simple as that, right? Maybe you didn’t put it in there with the right timing. I would play around with the interactions, play with the timeline I would play with the visuals. I would even play with how you sound when you’re doing it.

Like, are you confident? Are you excited? Um, what’s your ratio of valuable content to sales pitch content? If your training is only 30 minutes long, but 20 minutes with the sales pitch, that’s literally why it’s not converting right. Simultaneously if you’re trying to 30 minutes on the 25 minutes of it was value and you threw your sales pitch to the last, like few minutes.

That’s also why it may not convert. You need to give them time to understand what the offer was. Right. And so where am I going with this long rant? There are so many different answers to our questions instead of us just wanting to throw the whole baby out with the bath water let’s instead evaluate each part of the, of the process and see where we can actually now improve it and continue to run experiments to get the results that we desire.