Advice for course creators to craft more effective automated webinars with eWebinar: Kyshira Moffett

[Transcript] The biggest difference between hosting a live webinar and an automated one is attending feedback. In a live one, you can address questions and concerns right away. Whereas in an automated one, the video is prerecorded. So you have to anticipate those questions and you have to craft your presentation, such study attendee converts without you being there. So what advice do you have for people who want to craft a more effective automated webinar?

Yeah, I mean, I think that you already answered that question, which is you have to start to be put yourself in the audience issues when you’re mapping out your slides. So think about, for your larger concepts, that’s typically going to get questions, larger concepts, and any examples or breakdowns, the case studies.

You do think about the top two to three questions that will come in about that, and just immediately put those within the presentation. Like that’s literally why for mine, I have a midst misconception slide for each of the major force systems, because I know people are going to ask questions about that.

So I go ahead and answer them with those slides. I actually have never gotten like questions through my eWebinars. I’ve only ever gotten messages to say thank you so much, that’s awesome. That’s where I think we have to put ourselves in our consumer shoes at that point, where we’re just saying, what types of things would they ask?

And then also know that if people do ask you a question, you do get an email from eWebinar. You actually get two, you get one, you get an email. When a webinar is about to start for when somebody’s registered. If you want to be available, you can. I just typically will have it opened up on one of my monitors.

And two, if someone does send you a question and you don’t reply within a certain amount of time, you’ll get it as an email. So you can always get back to that person. It’ll just be via email, but instead of simply writing them back, I’ll create a running document of the questions you’re getting, because that’s an opportunity for you to go ahead and edit your webinar, save your original video, record yourself, answering that question and put it in a video and put it back in.

It’s as simple as that, you don’t actually have to rerecord the entire thing. Like you can just put that in there. If you notice all this week, you’ve been asked 10 times the same question that to me says, go ahead and record the answer. Put it in the webinar. No one will know.

Yeah, or just set up a tip that comes up and then people can complete that. That’s a tip that comes up, or a resource link…anything.