A Social Webinar: Real-time Connections and Engagement at Webinars

In a world of offline video, on demand webinar, and always available content, audiences are shifting to asynchronous ways of learning. Webinars need to offer more value to get their real-time attention and presence.

Webinars should be reimagined as a channel that drives both conversions and connections through real-time engagement.

Watch this video to discover the true potential of social webinars.

Meet the speaker:

Nicholas Rhodes (Founder & Creative Director, Outsnapped): Nicholas Rhodes, aka Nicky Digital, is best known for his beautifully lit, enigmatic, after-dark portraits and for his ability to make a photography experience into a party. Rhodes honed his craft shooting for publications ranging from Rolling Stone to Fast Company, Fortune 500 companies, international music festivals, performers, and fashion brands. He founded OutSnapped with the goal of condensing his expertise in photography, design, and social media to create the best photo booth company ever.

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