A New Way to Go Live Microsoft Teams Webinars and Customizing Your Online Presentations

Since we explored Teams Live Events last spring in our session Go Live to a Large Online Audience (https://blog.mytech.com/live-video-digital-content-to-a-large-online-audience-microsoft-teams-live-events), Microsoft has revamped its virtual presentation options once again. Its newest feature, “Webinars,” offers innovative new ways to run an informational session, taking elements from both standard Teams meetings and Live Events to offer an entirely new approach to present easily and professionally.

During this session as we explored the brand-new and highly customizable features of Microsoft Teams Webinars. Learn about:

– Newly added features like picture-in-picture, breakout rooms, and more
– Pros and cons of using Live Event vs. Webinar for your presentation
– Walkthroughs for setting up both a Webinar & corresponding registration pages
– Customizable settings like enabling/disabling attendee microphones and Q&A panel settings

Learn more at: https://blog.mytech.com/tag/recorded-content

Please note: There is a licensing requirement for Live Events and it requires an Enterprise license. See this reference document from Microsoft that outlines the feature availability for Meetings, Webinars and Live Events: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/teams-service-description