3 Steps to Better Webinars

Language: English

Hi folks I want to talk to you today about webinar presence or teleconference meetings. I know you’ve all been in that webinar, the one where you’be blocked off the time and you’re really excited to be there and you planed to be present only to not actually be
able to hear what the presenter is saying.
There are generally a lot of reasons that this happens we’re gonna go through three of the things that you can do today that are going to increase your quality presence when you do your
meetings and conferences.


First: internet!!!
I know we live in a Wi-Fi world but Wi-Fi is just not appropriate for a webinar host. If you’re hosting a webinar you’re going to need lots of bandwidth for video and audio broadcasting. So plug into an actual internet cable so the


The second thing that you can do is use the mute button. All of these conferencing software’s allow the host to mute all attendees, meaning that attendees cannot unmute themselves while you’re doing a monologue. When you open in to the dialogue portion of your webinar you can re-open the microphones. It is really good etiquette to make sure that you as the host sets
forth the expectations of respect online. It’s really hard to hear over other people chewing or their dogs barking. You not only decrease the quality of
your presence but you decrease the enjoyment and satisfaction of the attendee trying to actually plug in and be present with you.


The third thing that you can do today to make your webinar presence a higher quality is practice! Yeah, practice. So many people that I work with they say, “I opened the software and made sure the internet worked, and my video worked, and my microphone worked.” but they didn’t get other people to mimic exactly what their attendees are going to be doing when they log on. Practicing is gonna be very different from you just logging on and testing it yourself.

So there are three things that we can do to increase the quality of our presence with online meetings and webinars.
1. Get plugged into a cable, and off that Wi-Fi.
2. Don’t be afraid to use the mute button.
3. Practice makes perfect.

I hope you found this useful and let me know how it works out if you do try these three tips.