2021 TEASER: Intro to UN Association webinars

Our life-support systems are in crisis – we have a decade to sort this out at a global scale. Our current narrative of what it is like to be human is deeply flawed and toxic. Re-writing our human story is life-giving and visionary. Changing our human story will change everything.

This series off webinars is hosted by the United Nations Association Climate & Oceans
The sessions are Chaired by Gonzalo Alvarez (unaukhandb@gmail.com)
Website https://www.una-climateandoceans.org
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9IpqiKI8Mt4wt6wo3NCLA
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UNA-Climate-and-Oceans-United-Nations-Association-2874828442557975

• Jane Mote Former BBC journalist and presenter http://beechtobeach.com/about
• Paul Hannam Psychologist and Author https://paulhannam.com/about/
• Tony Whitbread Ecologist https://www.una-climateandoceans.org/447127545
• Viviane Doussy Administrator and UNA C&O Rep – Coordinator for West Sussex