064 Live VS Automated Webinars: How To Pick The Right Webinar Setup

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TRANSCRIPT: Hey, what’s up? This is Jason. Now webinars come in a lot of shapes and sizes now. Used to be back in the day that webinars you would just basically plan an event and go to webinar, you’d write your copy and then you show up and present this thing live to your group of people. And it worked out great.

But now that everybody uses webinars, and webinars are capable of being automated, meaning they can play whenever, whether you’re actually giving them or not. It has given rise to different webinar formats, different ways that you can use webinars as a content-based asset, as a sales asset as opposed to literally just having to show up and present this thing. Like in the insurance and financial planning space, they have to go and do lunches, they have to show up at lunch and give this presentation, and everything else.

Webinars in the olden days were similar. You had to show up and present this thing live. Then all of a sudden there were companies who would play this recording on gotowebinar for you, so and then they would charge hourly for it. And then there was automated webinar software that would play the video at a certain time. And now there’s still automated webinars software and there’s still live webinars of course. And there are times when you use those, but there’s a third time, there’s a third kind that we really use quite a bit, something that is just more on-demand. So in this video, we’re going to walk through the three types of webinars, when we use them, why we use them, and what you can expect from them. And then we’re going to come back and recap it. So I’ll see ya in a minute.

Now when it comes to planning out webinars as I said, we’re going to talk about this in a later module, but there are three different kinds of webinars that we run. And you’re going to see examples of these. There’s the live webinar, of course. We don’t build live webinars sales funnels because they’re short term. But a lot of folks take the automated webinars that we put together for them and then run them live with affiliates.

So, but we don’t write a webinar expressly for the purpose of delivering that webinar live. We write the webinar for the purpose of automating the webinar and then that copy, that presentation can be delivered live for an affiliate or if they’re running a seasonal promotion or something like that. All the stuff we do is really about building automation.

So the first kind of webinar is live. The second kind of webinar is timed. So this can be… We’ve tested so many different timed webinars over the years, and what worked about three years ago was picking a couple of times throughout the day, and then having the webinar broadcast during those couple times. So you might pick one in the afternoon, six at night and nine at night, and then somebody can self select. Pick the time that they want to attend based on their schedule and then they would attend.

Then about two years ago, it switched. Automated webinars started becoming and just more generally accepted. And people knew that the webinars they were attending weren’t necessarily live. So they started whenever they were posed with a question of what time do you want to start? They would just do none of them because they’re like, “Well, I’ll just come back to this page later when I decided I want to sign up for the webinar.” And then they weren’t coming back to the page.

Read the full article: Read the full article: https://doneforyou.com/evergreen-webinar-funnels/