ММА-ОНАРА Webinars. Teamwork and collaboration

Пятый вебинар прошел по теме Teamwork and collaboration.

Evgeny Usachev – Team-based Activities for English Classes

Collaboration and teamwork are keys to success in the 21st century, a couple of the “soft skills” that are difficult to develop in the classroom. It’s important to know how to make these an integrated part of lessons and encourage learners to develop the skills through practice. In my talk I will cover some of the team-based activities that can be used in the classrooms and online, empowering teachers to use them even if they happen to be teaching remotely this year.

Galina Sharonova – Implementing Teamwork and Collaboration in the Classroom
You all must have heard about teamwork and collaboration and know the importance of integrating them into teaching but there’s always strive to know more. So in this webinar, participants will get aware of what stands behind these terms, what particularly makes it beneficial to use elements of teamwork and collaboration in the lessons. What’s more, participants will get some practical tools and learn how to adapt tasks suggested by their course books and make them more collaborative and full of effective teamwork.