Zoom Vanishing Pen Annotation | Draw on Screen during meetings or webinars while sharing. Zoom 5.6.3

You can annotate your screen sharing, window sharing or webinars in Zoom by using a ‘vanishing pen annotation’. Zoom had annotation features before, but in this update for Zoom version 5.6.3, you can draw anywhere on the screen, and in a few seconds, annotation disappears automatically. You don’t have to worry about deleting it or clearing all your annotations.

This is a time-saving improvement, particularly if you are doing on-screen tutorials or sessions where you need to draw the participants’ attention to various areas of your screen but don’t want to have to clean up every few seconds.

Chris Menard’s blog post

How do I use the vanishing pen in Zoom?
1) You need to be in a Zoom meeting and sharing your screen to use the vanishing pen which is part of the annotation toolbar.
2) Click Annotate.
3) Click Spotlight and then click Vanishing Pen.
4) Draw using the pen and after two to three seconds, it will go away.
This is a great feature since you don’t have to keep using undo or erase your drawing and keeps your screen annotations clean.

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