YES ILAE Webinars 2020 – Prof Sàndor Beniczky – When is a spike a spike and who finds it?

Saturday 19th of September 2020 19:00 GMT. Prof Sàndor Beniczky MD PhD.Head of Clinical Neurophysiology Department, Danish Epilepsy Centre; Professor, Aarhus University. Presenting: When is a spike a spike and who finds it? (Operational criteria for epileptiform EEG discharges and the role of algorithms in reading EEG in the close future).
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Learning Objectives:
1.4.4 Interpret topographic (voltage) maps (L2)
1.4.6 Recognize the different types of EEG recordings and methodologies (e.g. invasive, scalp, stereo, video EEG) (L2)
1.4.9 Recognize and describe interictal abnormalities (L2)

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