What We’ve Learned Running Over 2000 Estate Planning Webinars in the Last 6 Months

Webinars have existed for more than ten years.

It has proven to be an effective marketing tool when selling information products and services.

But, like any tool, it does not deliver the same results for all kinds of users.

Taking the experience of Ken as an example, we discuss how webinars may not be beneficial for certain kinds of businesses.

And we examine how overexposure to your advertisement materials can result in your consumers’ ad fatigue…Which eventually leads to a low turnover of leads.

We’ll also discuss how a firm’s tools depend on its focus and revenue, and why certain practice areas gain more from webinars than others.

Also, we’ll be touching on some trends and challenges for first-time webinar users and how to deal with them effectively.

We’ll be talking about:
The pitfall of Ken’s decision [01:52]
Existence and effectiveness of webinars [03:57]
Selling information product [04:35]
The challenge of ad fatigue [05:58]
Legal marketers face webinar problems [09:32]
Eugene Schwartz’ levels of awareness [10:29]
Good days and bad days lawyers need different tools [11:16]
Revenue of firms per practice area [12:44]
Clients’ tendency to price shop [14:45]
Trend and challenges among first-time webinar users [15:15]
Expensive cost per lead [15:45]
Trends with show rates [16:52]
Distractions and length of attention spans [18:18]

About Our Host:
Jan Roos is the CEO of CaseFuel agency, helping law firms generate revenue through pay-per-click advertising. He is a legal marketing expert and is the author of the bestselling book, “Legal Marketing Fastlane.” It talks about PPC lead generation, a technique used to generate client leads for big and small practices

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