Weekly Wednesday Wisdom Webinars April 28, 2021

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom Webinars April 28, 2021

Certified Elder Law Attorney and Financial Advisor Chris Berry of Castle Wealth Group answers questions on retirement and estate planning every Wednesday at 1pm.

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Castle Wealth Group and Christopher Berry help families with estate planning, elder law, retirement planning, and tax planning from their offices in Brighton, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Bloomfield Hills, and Novi.

On this week’s webinar, attorney and advisor Chris Berry of www.castlewealthlegal.com answers the below questions.

02:48 1. I have a Standalone Retirement Trust, with the Secure Act can I just do one Trust for all my assets?

06:19 2. How can we reach our retirement goals(accumulation)?

12:04 (pop-in question) With all the talk of increasing taxes in corporations and wealthy individuals, I just read an article that put forth the need to overhaul the tax system and suggested a vat type of reform, how would that change all of the advice you have been suggesting?

19:22 (pop-in question) What Castle Wealth can do?

22:52 (pop-in question) What are the necessary estate documents that someone would need?

25:20 (pop-in question) Is there an income limit before you can start a Roth?

26:22 (pop-in question) Do you have to leave the Roth account alone for five years before you can use it?

27:06 (pop-in question)Is there a 3rd way to backdoor Roth IRA

28:00 (pop-in question) I manage our finances and accounts using quicken, we have several auto payments including monthly balances and credit cards. My wife has her own checking account but relies’s on me to alert her when the balance needs topping up. How do you suggest we help her manage your checking account and auto payments if I’m no longer around to help?

30:47 (pop-in question) Can tax on irrevocable trust be lowered by distributing earned income then the beneficiary pays less tax?

35:39 (pop-in question) Would trustee distribute earned income?

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