Week #1 – Getting Started 1/3: Project Overview – iGEM 2020 Measurement Webinars

This summer webinar series will focus on how to create an iGEM project. In the first weeks, we will go from ideation to finding and designing DNA sequences. We will introduce some of the basics of how to model systems and various molecular biology techniques. By the end of the summer, we will also go cover working with fluorescence and some more advanced molecular biology techniques. Presenters will include faculty, research scientists, and graduate students, most of whom will also be available for office hours during the summer.

The first session of the iGEM Measurement committee’s summer webinars opens with an overview of how and where to start your project, as well as what you can plan and design. The second block will be a beginner’s guide on how to utilize databases effectively in conjunction with bioinformatics tools. We will end this session with an overview of the decision making process when choosing a cloning strategy.

Part 2/3: Using Databases https://youtu.be/r8eheCK5w3E
Part 3/3: Cloning Strategy https://youtu.be/FHDHPp0bOtE