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Webinars with free certificates
June 15 to 19, 2020

Thank you Vibal for equipping us teachers
amidst this pandemic brought by the new corona virus.

In this pandemic, the progress of our children’s studies is at stake. We have to maintain and sustain their learning development.

Teachers will make great adjustments and adaptations in teaching, while parents will now play a huge role in guiding the children as well as coordinating with teachers. How can this set-up work successfully?

This week, join our Parent-Teacher Collaboration Webinar Series on YouTube! Here’s how:

1. Fill out these forms to register.
NOTE: Kindly choose only one form per day/topic to fill-out.

June 15 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/2Yy32zI
June 15 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/30CcPaI

June 16 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/2C4OTTn
June 16 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/2C3upu4

June 17 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/2XWXhwI
June 17 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/3hspH9A

June 18 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/3cTTDrl
June 18 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/2UIMC6K

June 19 (FORM 1): https://bit.ly/37qNKRG
June 19 (FORM 2): https://bit.ly/37uOg0L

2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/3ax0jKR) to get your e-certificates.

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