Webinars – use them to generate new clients virtually every week

“Webinars – use them to generate new clients virtually every week” is for you if you want a predictable flow of high-quality, new client inquiries most weeks, you like the idea of running marketing webinars but don’t know how to get the audiences, and/or you like a proven recipe to make webinar content engaging and valuable as well as motivational. 99% of businesses on this little planet of ours need more clients. And that means they need more client inquiries aka leads. And that’s where your challenges start. You want new clients but you don’t want to do all of the unnatural things that the “gurus” tell you that you need to do in order to get them. There is a better way. This better way is described in “Webinars – use them to generate new clients virtually every week.” You’ll get 3 takeaways:

• How to generate a fresh, high quality audience for your webinars every month without paying for advertising or affiliate fees
• How to create highly interactive webinar experiences for attendees instead of the traditional “death by bullet point”
• How to set up automatic quality filters inquiries so you never have to “sell” again.

Speaker’s bio
Tom Poland is a multiple best-selling author on lead generation. He lives and works from home on the white sand next to the waves at little Castaways Beach (near Brisbane) in Australia. Tom has clients in 27 cities around the world. Since 2008, Tom has conducted his marketing and client work exclusively through webinars. He describes himself as voluntarily married and has lost count of how many children and grandchildren he has.

Speaker’s contact information
For additional information, contact Tom online at tom@leadsology.guru

Vancouver Business Network
“Webinars – use them to generate new clients virtually every week” was delivered at the Vancouver Business Network Meetup on September 23, 2020. Vancouver Business Network holds a weekly Meetup in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. At this Meetup, an expert delivers a talk on a topic that is relevant to entrepreneurs. This training is recorded and made available on this channel to support entrepreneurs build better businesses. Check out Vancouver Business Network at https://www.meetup.com/the-vancouver-business-network/

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