Webinars Demystified – 7 Secrets to Hosting a World-Class Webinar

Are you feeling uncertain about presenting a webinar? Do you feel lost about how to present online?

The truth is, there are right and wrong ways to host a webinar. You can’t just throw one together. Trial and error may alienate the
audience that you already have. To find success, you first need to dig into what makes a webinar great. And then you need to learn how to apply those critical aspects to your own webinars.

Learn from Vertical’s deep webinar experience and eliminate your fear. Join Vertical’s V.P. of Marketing and Product, Kevin Butler, as
he unveils the secrets to hosting a webinar that will have your audience coming back time and again.

Topics include:

Laying the foundation to a great webinar.
Engaging with your audience virtually.
Eliminating showstoppers from your webinar.
How to tweak and adapt your presentation style to work online.
Building the right toolset to enable a successful presentation every time.