Webinars are here to stay

We’d all like to see the back of webinars, they suck. But I’m afraid they’re here to stay. We can’t get rid of them. And we’ve seen it recently with a lot of our clients. They’ve done them. And we’ve actually had an amazing turnout, we generated a ton of leads, and it works. Unfortunately, it works.

So how do you do it right?

One, content, you want to have something that it’s exciting, and that really speaks to people’s pain points. There’s no point doing a webinar and talking all about me, my product is amazing, my product is great. No one wants to hear it, they want to hear about how you can help them what you can teach them, that will help solve their pain points.

And therefore you need to be innovative, you need to be creative, and you need to be a thought leader, you need to stand up

Two you need stars, you need people that exciting and people want to hear from so we’ve seen as at marketing envy, with our most recent webinars, when we’ve had an amazing speaker, like the CEO of Gong, we’ve had fantastic turnout.

So make sure you get the big thought leaders, the people who have connections and get them to promote the webinar to.

Three distribution, you need to spend more in distributing your webinar than on learning it. There’s no point in doing an amazing webinar and amazing event with great content, fantastic speakers, if no one knows about it, and you do that through multiple channels, you do that through organic and you will post on your social media channels you go and you make sure that if you have any groups, then you’re posting that you’re letting the world know about it. You’re doing email distribution, you’re taking time to make sure that the emails are great, and you’re doing paid media. There’s no point in spending a ton of money or getting the best speakers for the most entertaining webinar if no one knows about it, spend much more on distribution than you’re actually doing on a webinar itself. So people know about it and people come for consistency. There’s no point in doing a one off webinar. It might perform well but you’re not going to really build that audience you want.

You need to do it consistently build traction build the audience get people need to know you follow these four golden rules and you’ll see the true value of webinars.