Webinars and Virtual Classrooms: Where do you start? With Special Guest Jo Cook – IDIODC Ep#26

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Sept. 19, 2018: Webinars and Virtual Classrooms: Where do you start? With Special Guest Jo Cook

For this episode of IDIODC, Brent and Chris bring on special guest Jo Cook on to discuss webinars and virtual classrooms. Both done live and over the web, virtual classrooms and webinars typically do have many similarities, but still vary greatly. Each with their own unique pros and cons, Jo and the gang will discuss the differences and what angle is best to take for learning in different situations.

Jo Cook is a speaker, instructional designer and classroom facilitator who specializes in virtual classrooms, webinars and live online learning technology. Jo’s passion is in helping and supporting teams, professionals and organizations embrace the benefits of the virtual classroom.

Through her company Lightbulb Moment, Jo has specialized in training learning professionals about virtual classroom design and delivery since 2013 and has spoken on various topics at conferences such as Learning Technologies, Online Educa Berlin and keynoted for Colleges Wales and E-learning Fusion.

Jo is also part-time is the Deputy Editor of Training Journal magazine and website and her background include: further and higher education; the charity sector; small and large organizations, including CNN News and Bupa International.

Find out more about Jo on Twitter and Lightbulb Moment!
Lightbulb Moment Blog: https://lightbulbmoment.info/
Jo’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/LightbulbJo

Jo has started her own free, open community for sharing webinar and virtual classroom questions, challenges and ideas:

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