Webinar Wednesdays – Week 14 – Brilliant Directories Webinars (4.19.2017)

Thanks for joining Brilliant Directories’ co-founder, Jason Haloossim, and brand manager, Patrick Brunelle, for the fourteenth edition of Webinar Wednesdays! This webinar was recorded on April 19, 2017.

This webinar covers topics including:
– Clickable Australia search map alternative
– Benefits of using Google Analytics: https://www.google.com/analytics/
– Track website visitor activity with Hotjar: https://www.hotjar.com/
– Customize “CV” download text label
– Website blog articles vs. member articles
– Editing content-specific sidebars
– Automatically translate webpages based on a visitor’s IP address/geo-location
– Using variables to edit page SEO templates

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