Webinar on Webinars

Virtual AHA | AHA Colloquium | October 26, 2020

Webinar on Webinars
Debbie Ann Doyle, AHA Meetings Manager
Megan Connor, AHA Program Associate
Alexandra F. Levy, AHA Web and Social Media Coordinator
Victor Medina Del Toro, AHA Meetings and Executive Assistant

A webinar on how to record and present webinars. This webinar includes some general tips for virtual events, and is primarily intended to assist participants in the AHA Colloquium and the AHA affiliated societies.
For more AHA Resources & Guides for webinars, please visit:
Jump to the following in the video for specific guidance:
1:43 – Technical advice for setting up your webinar
5:05 – Marketing your webinar
6:36 – Running your webinar
11:09 – Recordings and post-production
12:15 – Final remarks
12: 57 – Blooper with dog

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