Using Zoom with Pearl for virtual conferences, webinars, and more

Bringing people together for live events has been a challenge in 2020. Happily, the show can go on with the help of video conferencing and live streaming technology. In this webinar, we walk through a setup that uses Zoom and a Pearl hardware encoder to bring together remote hosts and guests for professional-quality virtual events such as webinars and digital conferences.

00:00 – Better virtual conference streaming
5:59 – What is Epiphan Pearl?
8:27 – How to produce a virtual event using Zoom and Pearl: equipment list
10:59 – How to capture Zoom video
15:10 – How to create layouts in Pearl
18:15 – Media playback on Pearl
22:07 – Titles and graphic overplays
24:15 – Production and monitoring
33:56 – Putting it all together (setup diagram)
50:50 – A better way to bring in remote guests on Pearl – SRT
58:35 – Audience questions

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