UNHCR SENS v3 and MDC Webinars EN Session 6 20201111

In 2020, UNHCR in collaboration with CartONG organized a series of webinars on Standardized Expanded Nutrition Survey (SENS) version 3 and new Mobile Data Collection (MDC) tools. This webinar series is dedicated to survey managers and to persons involved in the implementation of SENS surveys to gain key knowledge and useful skills to be able to conduct a SENS survey using the new SENS Guidelines and new MDC Tools. The webinars cover the updates in the SENS modules, the new sampling strategies, the new questions and indicators, the adaptation for MDC, the novel automatic checks, the algorithms for the referral of malnourished children, the new SENS tools, the new SENS website, SENS mapper, etc. For more information related to SENS, please refer to http://sens.unhcr.org/.