Understanding the new government incentives | BCS Webinars

New 2021 budget incentives, funding pots to access, where do you start? We’ll unravel how this can be flexibly used and works in practise.

Simon Ashworth, Chief Policy Officer, Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP)
Zoe Spilberg, Head of Education, BCS
Annette Allmark, Head of Apprenticeships, BCS

We answer your questions around the new budget incentives and the funding available for those responsible for the delivery of qualifications, training and apprenticeships.

Simon Ashworth from AELP provides his expertise on how this works, aligned to the government skills incentives, such as kickstart, traineeships, and will touch upon the different funding pots such as the national skills fund versus AEB and the new lifelong skills guarantee coming in April.

Our Head of Education, Zoe Spilberg and BCS’ apprenticeship authority and Head of, Annette Allmark join the discussion to answer your pressing questions; such as the types of qualifications that can be used, where there are flexibilities, where funding can be mixed and matched and what you cannot do.

You’ll come away informed and encouraged to take advantage of these great initiatives and schemes, to steer ahead in your support to get our nation and its people upskilled, across all sectors, ready for the future ahead.