Traxon Live Webinars – Media Wall Paper

Product details:
Outside US: http://www.traxontechnologies.com/lighting_solutions/product_details/10396/
US: https://www.osram.us/traxon/products/media-and-facade/media_wall_paper.jsp

Media Wall Paper is equipped with 144 individually controllable, ultra bright RGB SMT LEDs (1200 cd/m2) on a 12 x 12 matrix (60x60cm / 24”x24”) with a 50 mm / 1.97” pitch. Manufactured on a flexible PCB material, it is indoor-rated and can be bent or cut to fit installation needs. Low-to-medium resolution videos and graphics can be displayed by connecting multiple boards using the TX Connect system. e:cue’s advanced e:pix control protocol and Smart Chip technologies are integrated to simplify the complexity of a media installation. Combined with e:cue’s SYMPHOLIGHT software, it is possible to create stunning effects, play video and display images on the Media Wall Paper while also controlling other lighting needs on a project under one platform.

Media Wall Paper was designed to be a simple solution for complex media projects, such as curved surfaces or columns and 3D media installations, as well as media walls, creative/art installations, backlighting, and so on. Thanks to its intelligent design, media can now be added to surfaces which previously required much more integration.