TIGER in STEMM webinars in physics -Divya Persaud & Dr Kwasi Kwakwa

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Speaker 1: Divya M. Persaud (she/her)

Title: 3D imaging and visualisation to investigate complex Mars geology

Summary: 3D terrain models from high-resolution orbital imagery provide an exciting opportunity to probe the geologic history of Mars, especially in tandem with observations from Mars rovers. I will discuss my work with 3D imaging and visualisation to understand the interesting geology of Gale Crater, Mars, including probing the geometries of exposed layers in a channel and what they can tell us about the history of water in Gale Crater, as well as tools for visualisation for public engagement.

Speaker 2: Dr Kwasi Amoako Kwakwa (he/him)

Title (provisional): An overview of super-resolution Imaging

Summary: An overview of the state of super-resolution imaging, probably focusing on single-molecule imaging techniques

Chair: Prof Rachel Oliver, Cambridge University

Dedication: The 2020 webinar series is a free event. The series is run the memory of the late Canadian-American geophysicist/planetary scientist Claudia Alexander whose work and leadership paved the way for many of NASA’s missions including the Galileo mission. As a Black woman who reached the very top of her disciplines in physics, a teacher and an author she was a great r ole model and has left behind a legacy which inspires many, particularly women of colour working in STEM. In celebration of her contributions to science and recognition of the immense work that still needs to be done to support the next generation of STEM leaders in the UK, we request that attendees of the webinar consider making a donation to the charity, Generating Genuis. They are a London-based charity helping school students from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly Black and BME, to enter university and enterprise careers in STEM. https://generatinggenius.org.uk /

Questions for the speaker: There will be a chat window on the live broadcast page. The chair and the organisers will moderate and forward the questions to the speaker. Alternatively, email any questions before the start of the event to tigerinstemm@gmail.com

Accessibility: The chair and speaker have been advised to enable on-screen captions via PowerPoint. This is however subject to software versions. We acknowledge that there may also be phases where there may be errors or gaps in the transcription of captions. As an additional measure, we will endeavour to make the recording of the talk available (subject to permission from the speaker) along with YouTube captions. Currently, YouTube does not offer live captioning for live broadcasts.