This Content Marketing Strategy for Webinars DESTROYED Their Competition (2021 Edition)

This content marketing strategy for webinars destroyed the competition in 2021.

One of my clients has over 30,000 email subscribers ready to buy their products, but nobody wanted to read their content.

The client wanted to use a content marketing strategy for an upcoming webinar about meditation… and I’m giving it away.

In this video I show you how to create content that everyone wants to read.

It doesn’t matter that this is a webinar marketing strategy.

The same principles of this webinar marketing strategy will work regardless of what your business does or what you hope to achieve with content marketing.

The best part is that I’ve made a content marketing checklist for you to use and destroy your competition in 2021.

It shows you how to create content that people WANT. So if you want easy, but effective webinar marketing tips then this video is unmissable!

0:00 Start
0:01 My client needs a webinar marketing strategy
0:24 Is the topic of your content trending?
0:35 What’s trending about the topic?
0:56 Is it original content that can be featured on other websites?
1:12 Is it evergreen content or just a fad?
1:37 Does your content marketing have traffic potential?
2:16 Can you repurpose your content?
2:26 Can you update existing content for 2021?
2:38 Can you make a lead magnet for your content marketing?
2:59 Does your content marketing strategy fit into your sales funnel?
3:31 Can your use the Wikipedia trick?

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