"The culture of Webinars, The Gem Industry and the new Normal"

That webinar, the last of the regular series of our “Field Gemology Talks” was a special one about “The Culture of Webinars, The Gem Industry & the new Normal”
Joining Justin & myself we had Rui Galopim de Carvalho, representing his “Home Gemmology Webinars”, Julia Griffith, representing Gem-A, Michelle Wu representing AIGS Thailand, Nicholas Sturman representing GIA (Gemological Institute of America) , Edward Johnson, the host of CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation’s Jewellery Industry Voices and “Home Gemmology” co-host and last but not least Eloise Gaillou, representing Mineral Talks Live.
The event up took place on Thursday August 27th 8pm (Bangkok time) as we looked back on the last months affected by Covid-19 and as we looked forward towards the future and discussed the impact of webinars on the gem trade and what role communication technology will play in the gem and jewelry industries’ new normal.