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We at Let’s Learn and Grow Together are pleased to inform you that we have successfully conducted almost 26 International Level Webinars so far.

Herewith the list of 26 International LEVEL Webinars is attached so please find the suitable webinar for you and attend the same and reward yourself with a FREE e- Certificate for each webinar and take your Personal and Professional Life to greater heights!!!

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It is only you who encouraged and supported us to start few of the initiatives to build our community strong which are
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So far we have created almost 800+ videos and few hundred more are lined up and ready to serve you. Till then stay tuned.

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Let’s not wait for the Change;
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International Level Webinars with a Free e- Certificate:

How to Write Research Manuscript: Current Protocols | WebinarMonday | DrABShinde | LLAGT

5S Methodologies for Lean Manufacturing | WebinarMonday | RMtate | LLAGT

How to Make YOGA- A Way of Life | International Yoga Day | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

3 Magical Elements to Transform Your Life: A Road- Map of Success | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

Career Guidance Session: A Broader Perspective for Students and Parents | WebinarMonday | ProfDSGhodake | LLAGT

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning | WebinarMonday | DrGKalivarathan | LLAGT

8D Problem Solving Methodology | WebinarMonday | RMTate | LLAGT

Career Opportunities after Engineering | DrAAUtpat | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

How to Draft and File A Patent Application: Your First Step to Protection | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

How to Write a Good Research Project Proposal for getting Grants | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

How to Use Microsoft Team Application Effectively for Education | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

How to Take Back Control of Your Life: 14 Day Challenge Workbook | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

Role of Numbers in Entrepreneurship | WebinarMonday | DrGokulaKrishan | LLAGT

How to Improve Communication Skills | WebinarMonday | Charanjeet Singh | LLAGT

Lean 6 Sigma for Operational Excellence | RMTate | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

How to Use Free Online Platforms for Skill Development | DrSuneetaPhadkule | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

How to Generate, Store and Use Biogas from Organic, Kitchen Waste or Cow Dung WebinarMonday | RahulNarkar | LLAGT

Intellectual Property Rights and Patent Facilitation | WebinarMonday | DrVKBhojwani | LLAGT

Metal Burnishing Process: A Simple Method to Improve Product Life | WebinarMonday | MrVaibhavShinde | LLAGT

Deep Dive into World of Numismatics | MrAryan | WebinarMonday | LLAGT

Faculty Development Program on Research at a Glance: Current Protocols | LLAGT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGb5G8gdrC0&list=PLiw3seDMOg9JmXoMkg eqibdzmeEr52WKt

Engineering Challenges in 21st Century: Overview with Sample Case Studies | WebinarMonday | ProfDSGhodake | LLAGT

How to Find Purpose / Meaning in Life | IKIGAI Simplified | WebinarMonday | ProfDSGhodake | LLAGT

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