Teaching and Learning: Social and Emotional Learning Webinar Series Part 1

Join us for the first webinar in a three-part series on Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom. We will dive into the what, why and how of this important topic. More than just good feelings, Social and Emotional learning focuses on the whole child, equipping them with skills that matter.

2:08 Amanda goes over our goals & introduces EdTechTeam
3:20 Jonathan, Michelle, and Robert introductions
9:50 What is SEL by Robert & a quote that captures it by Michelle
15:30 Amanda on SEL as a journey
19:35 “I understand how my student responses affect my emotions.” by Jonathan and Michelle
27:50 “I am aware of how my cultural beliefs and background affect my teaching practice.” by Michelle
35:25 “I model behaviors to help students learn to regulate and understand emotions during class.” by Jonathan and Robert
45:00 “I work to understand the reasons behind student participation or lack thereof during class.” by Robert, Michelle, and Amanda
53:33 “I clearly communicate behavioral and academic expectations in a manner that addresses students’ individual needs and strengths when teaching” by Jonathan
58:50 “I use teaching practices to help form meaningful relationships with my students and cultivate their SEL skills.” by Robert
01:06:45 “I work to balance awareness of my students’ emotional needs and academic needs in my teaching practice.” by Michelle
01:10:29 viewer question: “How can teachers create personalized academic and behavioral expectations when administration is not on board?” by Robert
01:13:25 Jonathan’s final thoughts & Ohio’s 4 Learning Domains
01:15:40 Robert’s final thoughts about being on the right side of history