Taki Moore Blog Post Webinars

0:20 Ezra thought Taki’s presentation on webinars was phenomenal
0:38 Taki thinks that people’s biggest mistake is that they feel bad about selling
1:05 You don’t teach then sell, you teach and sell
1:30 Essentially, you are teaching your audience what to want
1:40 Taki explains how you segue to an offer
2:00 Transitioning into in an offer is an art
2:20 Taki is really good at printing and Ezra breaks down why
2:50 Taki secret to a being a good presenter
3:15 Why? What? How? What Now?
3:45 Taki’s little trick to keeping your audience engaged
4:15 Every time you transition from why to how or from how to what now, add in some spontaneity
4:40 If you ever speak at a gig, after punch is the worst!
4:55 Try to make your presentation more like a conversation
5:25 The secret to putting on a good webinar is to have them work harder than you