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Masterful Virtual Trainer Idea: Keeping the Human Touch in Webinars

Key Ideas: 1. Because of the rush to produce remote training content, many trainers have missed out the “human touch” when doing webinars and virtual sessions. 2. In remote learning, we do not get the chance to communicate face-to-face with our audience, thus, limiting our ability for real engagement, interaction, and eye-to-eye conversations that have …

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Webinars 1: Los Ika y su Cultura.

Este vídeo es la primera escena de ‘Monólogos Aborígenes Ika, su Cultura y su Arte a través de Webinars’. Realizado por: Angela Marcela Ricaurte, Licenciada en Arte, Folklore y Cultura. Patrocinio: Oficina de Cultura y Alcaldía de Valledupar- Colombia. Dirección, producción y edición: Carlos Daniel Ricaurte. Asesora de imagen: Laura Vanessa Alguero. Escenografía: Angélica-K Sánchez. …

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Embed Cloud and Enterprise Report Data in Your Apps Securely [Webinars]

In this webinar, we will review the following topics: – What is Embedded Reporting? – What is the Bold Reports Embedded SDK? – Why you should choose Bold Reports Embedded for embedding scenarios. – Benefits of using Bold Reports Embedded. – Integrating Bold Reports into your applications. Learn more about Bold Reports at: https://bit.ly/3mz6AfI Find …

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Cierre de los Webinars rumbo a GSEF 2021

Con este video concluimos los webinars rumbo al GSEF2021 haciendo una breve síntesis y dando pie a la invitación al Foro Global Virtual del mes de octubre. Inscribirse: www.gsef2021.org Música: Break The Limits by Unwritten Stories Music Promoted by oroclick

Industry Insights Webinars Promo Video Powered by IoT Marketing

IoT Marketing is creating a virtual community for business professionals and thought leaders to share their knowledge and experience through webinars. Our new series of webinars, Industry Insights, will highlight industry-specific topics in a panel discussion webinar experience. Register to attend and learn more at https://iotmktg.com/webinars/.

LTSF2020 Online – How to deliver engaging, interactive webinars

Webinars can be dull. It’s true. But they needn’t be. They can be interesting, productive and engaging – if done right. The trick is to stop presenting at your audience, and start working with them. In this session, Don Taylor calls on his experience hosting and coaching speakers for over 500 webinars for the Learning …

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