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Developing a Cyber Security Risk Management Regime | Charity Digital Webinars

Join NCSC as they explore the key steps to implementing an effective risk management regime to keep your charity protected from potential threats.

Cold water immersion: kill or cure? | Posturite Webinars

We’re fortunate enough to have Professor Mike Tipton presenting May’s educational webinar. He’s interested in the physiological and pathological integrative response of humans to extreme environments, and has recently published a fascinating research paper on the effects of cold water immersion, which he’ll be talking about in this webinar. We’ve known for centuries that immersion …

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SUMS Training Webinars

SUMS Training Webinars 2019 SUMS customers receive one-on-one training when they engage our services, but sometimes with staff changes and irregular use of the portal, end user’s knowledge and confidence can be lost. To help, we offer monthly 30-minute portal training webinars for our customers. Each training session takes approximately 30 minutes and you can …

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Cloudia demo webinars

Want to know how Cloudia’s Source-to-Contract solutions work in practice? Join our demo webinar!

Serie de webinars Operation Clean Sweep

Esta serie de webinars explicarán esta iniciativa voluntaria de la insdustria de los plásticos, enfocada a la prevención de la pérdida de granza.

100% Money Back Guarantee on All SWEET Webinars!

It is about value, community, and growth for all clinicians and best care for all patients and clients. We do so and offer 100% money back guarantee. Some places offer 100% Money Back Guarantee and fail to deliver. SWEET stands out, and here’s why in this SWEET Institute video.

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