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Stanford Webinar – Using Electronic Health Records for Better Care

In the era of Electronic Health Records, it’s possible to examine the decision outcomes made by doctors and identify patterns of care by generating evidence from the collective experience of patients. In this webinar, Stanford Assistant Professor Nigam Shah will show you methods that transform unstructured patient notes into a de-identified, temporally ordered, patient-feature matrix. …

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Stanford Webinar – Strategy Execution for the Air Transport Industry

Stanford-IATA Aviation Management certificate program webinar discusses challenges that face the air transport industry. Info: http://aviation.stanford.edu/ Air transport industry leaders face continuous challenges from economy fluctuation, technology development and natural resource scarcity. Join Professor Raymond Levitt, Professor Haim Mendelson and Ismail Albaidhani from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Training & Development Institute as they …

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Stanford Webinar – Hash, Hack, Code: Emerging Trends in Cyber Security

Hashing schemes for passwords. Monitoring the Internet of Things. Securing program control flow. These are the latest developments in cyber security you need to understand for defending against various attack techniques. Join Professor Dan Boneh as he shares new approaches to these emerging trends and dives deeper into how you can protect networks and prevent …

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Stanford Webinar – The Design Thinking Hybrid: An Evolution of Innovation

Design Thinking as a problem-solving method has been prevalent in product design for several decades and has more recently been adapted for business and education. And like any process that has enjoyed that kind of longevity, it must periodically adapt to changes in environment and landscape. As the “business of innovation” becomes increasingly important to …

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Stanford Webinar – Negotiation: How to Get (More of) What You Want

You spend a significant part of your day negotiating. While negotiating effectively helps you reach agreements, achieve objectives, strengthen your relationships, and ultimately be more productive, it’s clear that we (and others) are not always achieving the best possible outcomes. We leave resources on-the-table, agree to contracts and outcomes that are not in our best …

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Stanford Webinar – Design Your Life: Part I: Reframe Your Passion

What do you want to be when you grow up? Whether you’re starting, changing or advancing your career, it’s never too late to ask yourself this question, and not know the answer. Take a new approach to evaluating your life choices by applying design thinking to the “wicked problem” of vocational wayfinding. Learn what it’s …

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