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Calendario de webinars Microsoft – Conociendo Windows 365

En esta sesión conoceremos como utilizar Windows 365 y cuales son las diferentes versiones de este producto.

Sage Pastel Payroll Support hosted webinars: How to process leave, bonus and special runs.

How to process Annual Leave knowledgebase article: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=201209090305090&page=1&position=1&q=Leave How to process Annual Leave video: How to process a Bonus Annual leave knowledgebase article: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=201118080253960&page=1&position=1&q=Bonus How to process Bonus video: How to process the weekly/fortnightly special run knowledgebase article: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=200403132138193&page=1&position=3&q=Special%20run How to process the special run for monthly as the first run in the month: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=200403135300283&page=1&position=2&q=Special%20run …

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Sage Pastel Payroll Support hosted webinars: Council leave and bonus.

The guides and the videos that you can also refer to during this time: MIBFA: Leave in Payroll knowledgebase article: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=200521124449692&page=1&position=3&q=MIBFA Leave not in Payroll knowledgebase article: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=200521124806639&page=1&position=2&q=MIBFA MIBFA Leave video: Bonus knowledgebase article: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=200521123326533 MIBFA Bonus Video: Correcting 5008 knowledgebase article: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=200521122425154&page=1&position=1&q=5008 Correcting 5008 video: Correcting 5009 knowledgebase article: https://za-kb.sage.com/portal/app/portlets/results/viewsolution.jsp?solutionid=200521115233018&page=1&position=1&q=5009 Correcting 5009 video: MIBCO: …

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CSIAC Webinars – DevSecOps Pipeline for Complex Software-Intensive Systems: Addressing Cybersecurity

Webinar starts @04:48. Learn more: csiac.org/podcast/devsecops-pipeline A major challenge for cybersecurity comes from new technology approaches that focus primarily on the benefits of implementation rather than on defining the governance and risk management changes necessary to establish and enforce appropriate protections. This challenge is especially important for the adoption of technology that impacts critical infrastructure …

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2 best Webinars Software in 2021.

#Webinar #2bestWebinars #software A webinar allows a speaker from the hosting organization/company to share PowerPoint presentations, videos, web pages or other multimedia content with audiences that can be located anywhere. Webinars typically have audio and visual components

Calendario de Webinars Regionales Trend Micro MSP: CAS

#LicenciasOnLine #TrendMicro #MSP Aprovecha esta capacitación gratuita de Trend Micro MSP donde conocerás soluciones innovadoras que te ayudarán a conocer sobre Seguridad y como Trend Micro ayuda a mitigar los riesgos. ¿Quieres hacernos alguna consulta sobre esta solución? Escríbenos a info@licenciasonline.com

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