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#TechInHR – Oct 10, 2018 | HappyLocate Webinars

Presenting first in the series of webinars. This one will be covering “Tech in HR”.

YSC Webinars: Behavioural Economics & HR – Nudging Forwards

It can be hard to change behaviour, especially when most of it is irrational! To examine this issue, YSC’s Josie Flight provides a brief introduction to Behavioural Economics, outlining key principles such as heuristics, cognitive bias and nudging, including some salient examples. During the webinar, we explore whether, and how, HR professionals might apply this …

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YSC Webinars: What HR Needs to Know About the Brain and Learning

We still struggle to understand how to best utilise our brain’s potential to learn. This includes understanding individual differences and how to effectively address them without incurring additional costs.  YSC’s Vida Skreb provides the basics on creating the optimal conditions for the brain to learn, discusses what can hinder learning and explains how to avoid …

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YSC Webinars: Building Resilience in Your Organisation

Organisations are facing a challenge in preparing their workforce to work with change, disruption and increasing performance expectations. There is a need to embed a systemic approach to resilience to help employees deal with such challenges.  In this webinar, YSC’s Global Head of Coaching, Shelley Winter and YSC India’s Director, Ambica Saxena share with you how …

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ICR Recruiting Trends 2018 ( Aufzeichung / Video des Webinars )

Was sind die Recruiting Trends für 2018? Welche Bedeutung haben z.B. Active Sourcing, Employer Branding, Robot Recruiting, Algorithmen, Chatbots, AI (künstliche Intelligenz), Bewerbermanagementsysteme, E-Recruiting, Recruiting Controling oder Jobbörsen wirklich für ein erfolgreiches Recruiting im Jahr 2018? Basierend auf mehr als 6 Jahren (2012-2017) Recruiting Studien kann das ICR exklusive Informationen und Trends zum Thema Recruiting …

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YSC Webinars: From Behaviour to Impact – A New Approach to Change

Organisational changes and strategy implementation initiatives fail more often than they succeed – up to 70% of the time, by some estimates. The research makes tough reading. The good news is, though, that we increasingly understand why. We have known for a while that the critical issue– the point at which change can grind to …

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