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HR Webinars for Business Leaders

This video is about our webinar series which starts on 19th September. For more information, visit www.dohr.co.uk/hrkp and www.dohr.co.uk/webinars

Free webinars: How to help your business thrive

Our free webinars cover topics like taxes, HR, audits, retirement plans, technology, the Affordable Care Act, international tax, and more. Our tools and resources help businesses and individuals make informed decisions while remaining successful and compliant in the competitive marketplace. We’re here to help you! Learn more and register for a webinar today! https://www.eidebailly.com/business-trends

10 tips for delivering webinars

At assist International Human Resources, we have been delivering webinars for the last 8 years. We are convinced that the future for international training and coaching is blended. At the same time, webinars, which are one great element of blended learning, are getting a bad reputation which is a great shame. Everybody is offering them …

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Shift working… the risks, realities and resolutions | Posturite Webinars

In this short but informative webinar, health and safety expert Steve Carr will discuss the risks associated with shift work. He will draw from real-life examples of security officers working a 12 hour shift rotation to look at issues such as disruption to sleep patterns, body clock and productivity. The presentation uses independent studies into …

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The future is wellbeing, health & safety | Posturite Webinars

Learn how as Health & Safety and Occupational Health professionals you can directly influence the success of your organisation. Take away key information that will allow you to understand where your organisation is and what changes you can make, positively impacting the wellbeing, health and safety of your people and organisation.

#TechInHR – Oct 10, 2018 | HappyLocate Webinars

Presenting first in the series of webinars. This one will be covering “Tech in HR”.

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