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Webinars and Virtual Classrooms: Where do you start? With Special Guest Jo Cook – IDIODC Ep#26

Instructional Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee Sept. 19, 2018: Webinars and Virtual Classrooms: Where do you start? With Special Guest Jo Cook For this episode of IDIODC, Brent and Chris bring on special guest Jo Cook on to discuss webinars and virtual classrooms. Both done live and over the web, virtual classrooms and webinars typically …

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Simon’s Setting up Webinars: 3 Top Tips

In this episode Simon shares some practical tips to improve your webinar attendance and engagement! Table of Contents: 3. Reminder emails! – https://youtu.be/lFyxzLPqyJU?t=12s 2. Keep it short and simple – https://youtu.be/lFyxzLPqyJU?t=54s 1. Use polls – https://youtu.be/lFyxzLPqyJU?t=1m33s Watch Simon’s Filming 101: Using your mobile phone Watch Simon’s Editing 101: Using iMovie Watch Simon’s Advanced Filming: Using …

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KBTV Webinars – Journey to the Horizon

http://blogs.vmware.com/kb/2015/02/new-free-webinars.html This video is the first in a new series of free Webinars that we are releasing in which our Technical Support staff members present on various topics across a wide range of VMware’s product portfolio. The title for this presentation is “Journey to the Horizon” and it goes through several aspects of the Horizon …

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Introduction to Crowdfunding Webinar

This webinar covers a comprehensive overview of crowdfunding including definition, benefits, common uses, what makes a good campaign, best practices. Get started today! http://ow.ly/lu5GH

Confluence 101: Getting Started With Confluence – Webinar

Confluence is a powerful tool. We want you to get the most out of it. Like so many applications we use every day, there are layers upon layers of functionality in Confluence (https://www.atlassian.com/confluence). And that’s awesome. But just like learning to play an instrument or speak another language, it’s essential to embrace the basics, first, …

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How to make a successful webinar

Top 7 Tips To Be A Successful Webinar Host. Finally, You Can Make Money Running Profitable Webinars Right Inside Your Browser Without Google Hangouts Or High Monthly Fees. You can manage your webinar through our web-based interface. Show your screen, talk to your visitors and even upload slide presentations into the webinar to show to …

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