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Spending Review Briefing | Libraries Connected Webinars | 2021

The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced his autumn budget and Spending Review on 27 October. The Government stated that it “will provide billions of pounds to deliver the priorities of the British people by investing in stronger public services, levelling up opportunity, driving business growth and helping working families with the cost of living.” Spending …

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Volvo Webinars: "Машины будущего"

Запись эфира Instagram от 23.11.2021

Grayce Webinars | Sustainable Futures: Building Super-Resilient Organisations with a Human Approach

Disruption readiness advisor, Ade McCormack, joined us in conversation with our CEO, Geoff Smith and Grayce Sustainability Lead, Abdi Ismail Ismail to explore the future of our working world. From how we arrived at the traditional business model, to embracing chaos, and operating more like a living organism, Ade skyrockets us towards a more sustainable …

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Webinars, Events and Presentations (1 minute)

Webinars, Events and Presentations (1 minute)

Ciclo de Webinars – Pesquisa-ação, metodologia participante

Ciclo de Webinars com tema “Referenciais Teórico-Metodológicos de Pesquisa Qualitativa”, abordando métodos de pesquisa aplicáveis ao Ensino na Saúde. “Pesquisa-ação – metodologia participante” | Dra. Regina Costenaro.

2021 11 19 13 00 Monthly Webinars with Deputy Secretary Bernie Simons

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