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Taki Moore Blog Post Webinars

0:20 Ezra thought Taki’s presentation on webinars was phenomenal 0:38 Taki thinks that people’s biggest mistake is that they feel bad about selling 1:05 You don’t teach then sell, you teach and sell 1:30 Essentially, you are teaching your audience what to want 1:40 Taki explains how you segue to an offer 2:00 Transitioning into …

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Ezra Firestone Testimonial for Tim Paige Webinars

Ezra Firestone is the founder and CEO of several brands generating over $20Million/year (Smart Marketer, Boom! By Cindy Joseph, Zipify Apps, Bee Friendly Skin Care, and more). He brought in Tim Paige to run his webinars, and here’s what he had to say.