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Webinars and Virtual Classrooms: Where do you start? With Special Guest Jo Cook – IDIODC Ep#26

Instructional Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee Sept. 19, 2018: Webinars and Virtual Classrooms: Where do you start? With Special Guest Jo Cook For this episode of IDIODC, Brent and Chris bring on special guest Jo Cook on to discuss webinars and virtual classrooms. Both done live and over the web, virtual classrooms and webinars typically …

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AFD Webinars with J: Conveying Emotion Through Dance – Part 2

Join us today as we learn how to convey and express emotion through your mind and body, in this AFD online class! Want to keep up with all of our new events, webinars & interviews? Sign up with our newsletter with info@theafdmethod.com today! Follow us! www.facebook.com/actingfordancersworkshop/ www.instagram.com/actingfordancers/

Just Culture – Fairness and Trust in the workplace | Posturite Webinars

Just culture is a concept that has been around for a number of years, but is still a goal rather than a reality in many organisations. In some of the most high-stakes sectors such as aviation and healthcare, where just culture has particular prevalence, there are valuable lessons to be learnt and important ongoing developments. …

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Alex Shelest Vocal Lessons – Live streams / Webinars / Group lessons

For online vocal lessons : alexshellest@gmail.com or skype : alex-shelest

Agile workers – out of sight, out of mind | Posturite Webinars

Agility is the ability to move or act quickly with ease. In business, agility is crucial for success – especially in today’s digital age where market trends and demands can shift overnight. Agile work encourages us to approach work not as a place we go each day, but as tasks to be completed. By implementing …

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How should we tackle human failure in health and safety | Posturite Webinars | 19.05.17

Human failure – errors, mistakes are believed to be behind around 90% of workplace incidents. This webinar looks at how non-high-hazard businesses and SMEs in particular can benefit from focusing on the underlying causes of human failure at work. The webinar will focus on safety at work, but the same concept can be applied to …

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