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How to Use Zoom in Online Teaching or Webinars?

Basics of zoom and how to use it as an effective platform for online teaching or webinar. Equipment used: 1. DSLR CAMERA Any camera will do, even cellphone cameras, as long as the lighting is good/enough 2. HEADPHONES WITH MIC I used my husband’s gaming headphones to record voice over 3. CELLPHONE VOICE RECORDER I …

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SEG Webinars – Artificial Intelligence

How would a classroom with artificial intelligence look? With new technological developments, AI is becoming a bigger part of everyday life, including education. AI can offer great opportunities for ensuring quality and inclusive education for all, ranging from student tutoring to more open education resources. Thus, it is important for teachers, students and other school …

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Securing Zoom Meetings and Webinars

Zoom is a popular tool for hosting Webinars, but in recent weeks it has come under criticism for security. In this short webinar, I describe how you can secure Zoom meetings and Webinars and keep your participants safe.

SEG Webinars – School education careers: time for change!

In this webinar our education experts share insights from a major new report from the European ET2020 Working Group Schools that is seeking to inspire important changes in the way teacher and school leader careers are understood and supported. This webinar is useful to anyone working in school education: teachers seeking to gain a different …

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Introducing London TFE, LIVE Webinars!

At London TFE we are now introducing webinars, so that you can undertake our award-winning courses from the comfort of your home or office. Our experienced training professionals will deliver your chosen course live, making our training even more accessible, flexible and tailored to meet your needs. Our live webinar platform allows you to ask …

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Fundraising Webinars for Hard-hit Educators – starting 18 March 2020

Al CI-SOS webinars at a glance: https://fluencyfast.com/product-category/ci-sos/ Direct links for full descriptions and registration for each of JSB’s webinars: “Relaxed Input” (Th 19 March, 4:30-6ET) https://fluencyfast.com/product/relaxed-input-justin-slocum-bailey-live/ Backward Design Made Crazy Easy (Sat 21 March 4:30-5:30ET) https://fluencyfast.com/product/backward-design-made-crazy-easy-with-justin-slocum-bailey-3-21/ Even More Ways to Use Pictures (Tu 24 March 4:30-6ET) https://fluencyfast.com/product/even-more-ways-to-use-pictures-jsb/ It’s All about the Questions (Thursday 26 March …

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