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Budgeting 101: Can I Afford That? | Webinars by SPE | Jeremy Dworshak

What’s your salary requirement? Then, how do you know you’ll make enough?! You’re nearing graduation; Yeah! Cannot wait to start getting multiple job offers; double Yeah! Now you have multiple job offers; oh Crap! How do you choose which one to pick; double Crap! Hopefully this webinar will help put some quantitative decision making around …

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Ductile to Brittle Transitions in Plastics | Webinars by SPE | Jeff Jansen

Ductile to Brittle Transitions in Plastics If you design, use, or manufacture plastic components it is critical to understand how and why your normally ductile material can exhibit unexpected brittle performance. Understanding this ductile-to-brittle conversion within plastics can help to avoid premature failure. Register today: https://www.4spe.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageID=4142 Join SPE: https://www.4spe.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3275 ABOUT SPE Together we can form …

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Impossible to Inevitable | Webinars by SPE | Pat Toensmeier

Impossible to Inevitable: The Coming Technologies and Opportunities of Autonomous Vehicles for Plastics Science fiction is quickly developing into the latest innovations in technology — autonomous vehicles included. From cutting down human errors and clustering urban traffic, self-driving cars are the way of the future. How can plastics engineers, designers and companies get their hands …

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How to Create a Webinar in Less than 45 Minutes | Ep. #527

In Episode #527, Eric and Neil explain how you can quickly and easily create webinars. Tune in to hear some great tips for creating webinars and an explanation of why these could be key to your success. Time-Stamped Show Notes: [00:27] Today’s Topic: How to Create a Webinar in Less than 45 Minutes [00:35] For …

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AFD Webinars with J: Conveying Emotion Through Dance – Part 2

Join us today as we learn how to convey and express emotion through your mind and body, in this AFD online class! Want to keep up with all of our new events, webinars & interviews? Sign up with our newsletter with info@theafdmethod.com today! Follow us! www.facebook.com/actingfordancersworkshop/ www.instagram.com/actingfordancers/

PBL Math Webinar

Learn more about Project Based Learning (PBL) at : http://bie.org/. Mathematics is a rich and complex subject filled with real life application. However, due to the pressure of the “test” and the mass amount of material, teachers find themselves getting through the content by lecture and drill. As Dan Meyer says, “The mathematics classroom needs …

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